WordPress 5.2.2 Maintenance Release

Posted June 18, 2019 by Mary Baum. Filed under Releases.

WordPress 5.2.2 is now available! This maintenance release fixes 13 bugs and adds a little bit of polish to the Site Health feature that made its debut in 5.2.

For more info, browse the full list of changes on Trac or check out the Version 5.2.2 documentation page.

WordPress 5.2.2 is a short-cycle maintenance release. The next major release will be version 5.3; check make.www.divvnk.live/core for details as they happen.

You can download WordPress 5.2.2 or visit Dashboard → Updates and click Update Now. Sites that support automatic background updates have already started to update automatically.

JB Audras, Justin Ahinon and Mary Baum co-led this release, with invaluable guidance from our Executive Director, Josepha Haden Chomphosy, and contributions from 30 other contributors. Thank you to everyone who made this release possible!

Andrea Fercia, Andrew Duthie, Andrew Ozz, Andy Fragen, Birgir Erlendsson (birgire), Chetan Prajapati, David Baumwald, Debabrata Karfa, Garrett Hyder, Janki Moradiya, Jb Audras, jitendrabanjara1991, Jonathan Desrosiers, Jonny Harris, Jorge Costa, Justin Ahinon, Marius L. J., Mary Baum, Meet Makadia, Milan Dini?, Mukesh Panchal, palmiak, Pedro Mendon?a, Peter Wilson, Rami Yushuvaev, Riad Benguella, sarah semark, Sergey Biryukov, Shashank Panchal, Tammie Lister, Tim Hengeveld, vaishalipanchal, vrimill, and William Earnhardt

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